Time magazine named Taylor Swift (Person of the Year)

Taylor Swift (Person of the Year)
Taylor Swift (Person of the Year)

Washington: Time magazine declared world-famous American singer Taylor Swift as “Person of the Year”.

The famous American magazine Time magazine has recognized American singer Taylor Swift with the annual ‘Person of the Year’ award.

American magazine Time magazine also featured Taylor Swift’s photo on the cover, which she also posted on her official X account.

In this regard, the editor of Time magazine said in a statement, “In 2023, Taylor Swift achieved a lot with her hard work and effort, she committed to validating people’s dreams, feelings and experiences, especially women. , who were ignored.

This year, Time magazine shortlisted 9 other candidates for ‘Person of the Year’ apart from American singer Taylor Swift, including Barbie and famous Hollywood actors, Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and writers. .

It should be noted that Time magazine announces the honor of ‘Person of the Year’ at the beginning of December every year.


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